Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little House on the Beach

We are reading Little House on the Prairie. Currently, Pa is building the fireplace and chimney in their new log cabin on the Kansas prairie. There is enough adventure (bears, indians, wolves!) to keep the kids interested but also its about Laura, a little girl - little like these guys. So this is our log cabin. We made this cabin on Wednesday morning, laid the logs, built the roof and caulked the cracks with seaweed. There was a fireplace and chimney but these shots were taken this evening, three days later and, well this is the beach. With the tides, beach combers and other kids around, we were lucky the cabin was still there at all.
I love this kind of play. Fully engaging, the story line doesn't run out, quiet for the most part (ahhh) and easy for our adult minds to participate in. Its just about making your own world using the materials at hand. How satisfying.
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