Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

And here she is. Born mid morning a year ago to a mommy who was wondering all the night before when labor would start and worrying about how long it might last. Would you be a boy or a girl. What would your name be (the bigger question). How were we going to manage with three in the house (maybe that was the bigger question) Anyway, labor was mercifully short and we were amazed -again - at the miracle of birth. How does something so tiny, so helpless know to cry, breath, nurse when only moments before you recieved your sustenence from a cord attached to my body? How is it that we felt like you had always been with us? It is truly something divine. Now, a year later, we have grown into a family of five. We have figured out how to manage three with much help from the little one pictured above. You are so easy-going and knew what you wanted from the get-go. Thankfully we knew how to respond - but you were so easy to read. You slept well, ate well, even learned to suck your thumb which is the cutest thing - on par with a bottom-scooting baby. So Happy Birthday little sweetie - we are so glad you are here.
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