Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finishing what was started

Life is full of loose ends. For me, they take the form of books partly read, conversations unfinished, dishes in the sink, dirty diapers left at the top of the stairs, work outs delayed or not done, projects put aside for further inspiration. I think loose ends are OK and they can make life a little interesting at times. Sometimes the delay in finishing (if ever finished) means the end result is better than the original inspiration. But there are only so many dangling chads, IP's (Irish Pennats - navy speak) one can take before something must be done to tidy, finish or close the loop. Mind you - the ends that get tied don't always make sense but somehow it feels better on the inside. So today's loose end was....a quilt started in the spring of 2000. Actually my first and only attempt at quilting; a pattern deliberately chosen because it was patternless. It has a random patchwork face, flannel back and should have a rose bush embroidered or stitched onto the top. Yeah, right. Anyway, I don't remember exactly why I stopped but it probably had to do with a feeling that the project was less-than-what-I-was-expecting. However, now I look it after 9 years and think this is a cool-enough creation which I can fix-up in a jiffy to my satisfaction. So I did. And it felt good.
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