Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beach in Black and White

We had some record heat today which called for some time at the beach in the late afternoon. Being a stickler about naps for the kids, I am usually house bound for most of the afternoon. On days like today being in a house instead of a nice breezy place like the beach (or backyard!) is a little unbearable. Luckily an easy dinner planned (tacos) and an early arrival home by dad allowed a quick trip to the beach to cool down.
I have a black and white function on my camera which I hardly use. Today a few shots in BW and then one with Mr. Adventure with dad slowly walking out to deeper waters. This was really quite adventuresome for C - my cautious little guy. I don't blame him though. When the water is as clear as it was today it just shouts out "jump in". Though notice who is the one actually chaperoning the event....not me -water is FREEZING!

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  1. New look looks great! We always enjoy checking in on your adventures.