Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was so deep in the motherhood trenches today I could hardly stick my head out for fear of getting another incoming to the head. It seemed that bad. C stayed home from school. After a sibling "scuffle" which ended in ear-piercing shrieks by B (who I am sure is not completely innocent but I'll spare the details) I uttered ungracefully "YOU are not going to school today" knowing full well as the words came out of my mouth that this would be more of a punishment for me than him. I didn't see any logical way to go back on my fateful words and so my words stood and he did not go to school.

He and I butted heads off and on all day. However I was not going to let him get the better of the day I had planned. In retrospect I was glad I had a plan for there were bright spots in them that brought me out of the trenches with my arms high above my head. Here are those brighter moments.

1. Goodwill drop off with a drive through a new neighborhood.

2.Visit to the nursery to get potting soil.

3. Planted nastursiums and cosmos with C.

4. Replanted the dying Venus fly trap.

5. Trying to teaching C how to "read" a map.

6. No potty accidents by B.

7. M took two long naps.

8. Made pizza for dinner.

9. E came home early (thank you reserved parking spots and 15 minute commutes) took the kids for a walk and I had a few moments to myself while cooking dinner.

The best part of all - tomorrow is another day. Learn from today and move on.

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