Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rhubarb Pie anyone?????

First rhubarb pie of the season made the other evening. A sort of Memorial Day tradition over the past ten years or so. Each year the crust is a little different. This year I went with an America Test Kitchen crust and it worked very nicely. Crisp, sweet - easy to roll out. Anyway, we have a backyard full of dirt right now and lots of room for planting. So next spring I think the pie plant will have a place in our new garden. I have read that I should plant one plant per pie-eating that means two plants for each of us.
This is the start of my flower garden. One of three pots with an easy flower - Nastursiums. I have been super antsy to get things going around here and feel like I have a million items on my to-do. Three pots for flowers was the compromise I came to between the need to plant an entire garden in the 10x20 ft spot that I dug out earlier in the spring, and the reality that it cannot be planted or tended to until the backyard project is complete. So the 10x20 will be started mid june and until then there are these three pots. I should really consider the pots as training wheels which is a good place to start when you know next to nothing about plants.
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