Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

S.F. Memorial Day events honor the fallenDaniel Linsley (12) of San Jose was part of the Bay Area Women's and Men's Historical Representation Society that attended the Memorial Day ceremonies at the Presidio Cemetery on May 25, 2009. (Frederic Larson / The Chronicle)

Thoughts on this Memorial Day:

I have always enjoyed this three day weekend. In years past I hadn't given much thought to its significance. It had always been a time for get-togethers and picnics and to celebrate the summer ahead. It is an opportunity to celebrate the life we have. But with having had served in the Navy and now being a mother with children who may choose the same path E and I chose - not to mention our country has been at war for the past 6 years, I feel this day should be more about what it was intended to be; a day to memorialize those who have lost their lives in war for our country. But I feel their sacrifice has been forgotten by many. I want a parade or an acknowledgement by a larger community that life has been and is being lost for us. Its an acknowledgement that should bridge party lines. There were so few ceremonies in Seattle proper; not a single parade, few flags and I am sure many forgotten graves.

So on this day my thoughts are for:


With sympathy and with reverence we greet you on the soil ennobled by the blood of your courageous sons, whose sacrifices have created a bond between us which can never be broken. The world cannot measure your tragic loss. You have suffered in silence and alone with courage and love. You have given to the Great Cause something more precious than your own life blood. And the altar of freedom is wet with your tears. -

French general speaking to American mothers who traveled to France where their sons were killed. (From the 1933 film Pilgrimage)

New graduates of USNA Class of 2009. They have the largest number newly commissioned Marines of any class in USNA history. What a humbling moment for these young kids. They are stepping into some demanding leadership roles in very harsh environments. President Obama's speech to USNA class of 09' - he captures the essence of USNA...and his message seemed so much more personal than Clinton's littoral warfare, tip of the spear speech in 1994.

White House Commission on Rememberance - those who have died for our country up until Desert Storm.

Washington Post: Faces of the Fallen - men and women who have died in the Afghanistan and Iraqi conflicts.

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